A few words about us and our cats.


Our cats as well as our neuters and the housecat, are in
first terms our daily life companions. Our housemates,
that live in equal rights with us, they are friends in good
days and comforters in the bad days, they
are ľour Cats-!

As we love our cats above everthing and have great joy
 in raising those little cottonballs, therefore we have
kittens only in single litters that we generally place
with friends or family members. Occasionaly we also
trust our well socialized, healthy and strong human-
related darlings to special cat-fans outside our circle
of acquaintances.


Should you also be interested in this
 unique breed and play with the idea
 to adopt a kitten, please contact us.
We will inform and counsel you in
full length and expect one or more 

advance visits as to find the right
animal companion for you and your
 family. After the moving of the kitten
 into your family, we will gladly and
at all times advisory be there at
your side!

copyright by B. Heintorf