Our Kitten


We take great care in the selection of the new owners of
our kittens; we ask them and their environment to be cat
friendly. A kitten is to be considered a family member,
that should adapt easily to his new reality. Therefore it
is important to choose the right kitten. We put our big
effort into raising trusting, cuddling, confident and
healthy birman kitten. With a visit can every Interesee
get information about cat fair handling and carrying. You
will experience our kittens, cats, stud and of course our
elderly neutered in real life. They  live free in all the 
rooms of our home.

Our kittens leave our home at the earliest with
13 weeks. By then they are veterinary health
checked,  dewormed several times as well
 as vaccinated, the have their vaccination
record, pedigree and a feeding plan. You will
  also receive a starter package with a cozy
blanket or scratcher, feeding bowl, dry and
wet food, vitamins and snacks as well as a lot
of toys. Remember the kitten will start a
complete new life with you. The new owner
 will now take the responsibility to make
this a beautiful, long and healthy life. We will
of course be available for counsel and action.
Contact with Kitten Buyers is highly desired.
We are happy about every mail, phone call
and of course every photo that will show us
that the right cat found the right owner.









Since the number of litters
in our hobby cattery is very
low we only have a few
kittens to place.

Should you be interested in
 a kitten, please contact us
as soon as possible. (oder
please contact us in time)



copyright by B. Heintorf