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Red Point or Red Tabby Point?? This is the question!!

No Question… RED POINT!!!

Terakotta von der Katzenfreiheit (6 Monate)

For some time I still bump into photos that show the Birman in red tabby or cream tabby.
 Sadly many  of these red-noses are wrongly flagged. I myself can tell a story about it, 1992  
I got my first stud in this colour all the way from Holland. A very experienced breeder presented
me proudly with his first own bred “cream tabby point male” Morris of Quint’s Cousin. He
developed exquisitely and was quite a success at international shows.


Europa Champion Morris of Quint's Cousin

On one of his last shows to become European Champion the judge asked me if I had had
any tabby kittens from him…. After almost 5 years of breeding with this boy I had to deny.
And it was not  possible…. Since he was and will be a cream point!
Although 20 judges didn’t
notice it, the 21st did  look at him in detail.  Not only the ghost stripes markings make a red or 
cream kitten a tabby, but only if all the characteristics are present. Especially one should watch
 for the little ribbon under the nose pad, as if this one is missing, despite all the stripes on legs,
tail and face, he  cannot be a tabby, those are just ghost-markings.


I am Nemo, I am not tabby point

I hear today all explanations…, but the judge said…., but the breeder said… Everybody can
make a mistake when it comes to determine colours that won’t show fully on
 babies of 10-12 weeks old



Today Terakotta is over 6 month old.  At a brief glimpse a tabby but genetically
only a red point.


Also the Tabbies in a different angle seem to be for many still a hard to determine problem.
I am thinking hereby of the colours tortie and torbie point.

Int.Ch. Lotus von der

I am a tortie!!

Queen-Kunterbunt von der Katzenfreiheit

I am a torbie!!

The red point variety has been of great importance in our Cattery for 15 years.
With  Terakotta we can go back 3 generations.

One of the most charming red point Ladies I know of…

Gr. Int. Ch. DK* Gitte's Bella

She is the foundation pillar of our red breeding program. Our special point of view was there,
 the eye colour, the size, as well as the fur quality. However on first place was type
 for all these years.


A very special tortie point, who will remain unique in her Aura.

Int. Ch. Lotus von der Katzenfreiheit

She resembles a lot to her mother Bella in her looks and perfect type. As well as to all birmans 
red points also need a strong chin, something that sadly was often forgotten in this colour variety.  
The chin should be a special focus point to all red point breeders.

And here we have our 3rd and youngest generation of our red points. With just 7 months does
Terrakota von der Katzenfreiheit put 4.4 kg on the scale. He has nothing missing from her mother
Lotus and her grandmother Bella. He will deliver the 4th red generation in our cattery. As to keep
Terrakota available as stud, did we search and find Simone Herzog, “Cattery von der Rosenterasse”,
a suitable breeding associate. In her cattery, where all my pictures are also presented, lives Terrakota
as a free indoor male. Only as long as this is possible will he remain a stud for our red point breeders.


copyright by B. Heintorf